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TCB recently successfully deployed a Personal Protection Solution at Hellenic Petroleum refinery in Greece.

TWIG Protector Ex IIC LR
Ex symbol

The solution is based on TWIG's Protector Ex, the ultimate GPS/GSM personal safety device, designed to protect lone workers in explosive hazardous areas.

For details refer to, which provides information on the TWIG product, customer service and business processes.


How it works?


  • TWIG's Protector Ex provides the field operator with alert triggers which includes alarm button, automatic ManDown function and AmberAlert.
  • Predefined emergency protocol (operates according to DIN0825 and BS8484) transmits latest known GPS position and TWIG Beacon indoor position and opens two-way voice connection to alarms receiving centre (ARC).
  • High-performance GPS receiver with turn-key AGPS feed is complemented with TWIG Beacon indoor location.
  • The small and light device is rugged and IP67 water proof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the administrator.
  • Excellent operating times even in continuous GPS monitoring are achieved through advanced technology and large-capacity battery.


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