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It's time to throw away your old PD and flowmeters and use YOKOGAWA CORIOLIS MASS Flowmeters!! At the best price ever!


Main Application of Mass Flowmeters on Ship


  •  Main Engines Consumption
  • Aux Engines Consumption
  • Boilers and other Consumers Consumption
  • Bunkering Transfer/Loading Line

Mass Flow Meter - The Optimal Solution for Measuring Fuel Flow.

  • Use our proven coriolis massflowmeter that can handle the vibration and flow pulsations on the ship (not all others can..)
  • Pipe stress is a challenge for some other types. Not for us!
  • Available sizes for pipelines 1/2'' up to 8 inches (from small boiler consumption up to bunkering with max 1200 m3/h !!)



Process connection size




1 ½’’


2 ½’’










Flow Rate


0,021 – 3 t/h

1 – 10 t/h

1 – 32 t/h

10 – 32 t/h

10 – 32 t/h

32 – 100 t/h

100 – 250 t/h

100 – 250 t/h

250 – 500 t/h

Up to 600 t/h

Up to 1200 t/h


  • Accuracy of YOKOGAWA Rotamass system is 0,1% of actual value
  • Density output can be monitored for alarming of "cappuccino effect" in fuels.


For more info click on the following hyperlinks:


Coriolis Flow Meter Principle of Operation (video presentation)

Coriolis Flow Meter Customer Benefits (video presentation)

Important Features for Data Retrieval

  • Automatic system sends encrypted Noon-Reports by e-mail to the headquarters (Push)
  • Automatic archiving – based on vessel and time/data stamp
  • Conversion to "open format" and use in standart systems e.g. SQL databases, EXCEL spreadsheet Format
  • Complete Monitoring System for Bunkering, Main - Aux Engine and Boiler Consumption, Torque-meter, Electrical Energy Consumption meter (KWh)



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