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MARITIME CPD - Machine Health Monitoring | OM-Finland Oy

Especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW


Lube oil is a vital component of any rotating engine, power train and high power gear box. Monitoring the quality of the lubricating oil is an efficient way to predict the condition of your machinery. Indications of several metal particles in oil is an early warning about upcoming failure well in advance even before temperature rise or vibration alerts. The earlier the indication comes the lower are the costs are to overcome damages.


CPD (Continuous Particle Detector) detects any metal particles with dimensions over 0,2 mm or 0,5 mm and oil flows up to 360 l/min. No matter if the metal is ferromagnetic or not, it can be applied in machinery utilising pressurized oil lubrication. Detection reliability is insensitive of metal material and therefore 100 % detection of particles is guaranteed.


Unique feature of CPD sensor is that the operator has a possibility to clean the sensor from any captured metal chips remotely from the operator’s panel just by clicking the mouse or by pushing the button. Hereby the operator can keep the sensor nonstop in sensing mode.


CPD sensor is applied in MARITIME , process industry, power plants, defence industry, engine test labs, emergency power units etc. where diesel engines or/power trains and gears of over 1 MW are used.




Maritime engines

CPD05 is especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW. Any type of metal particles can be detected both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic like bearing metals. Sensor can be applied both in dry sump and wet sump machinery. Sensors can be standalone sensors connected to each engine. Two or more engines are controlled usually from engine control room. CPD sensors from multiple engines can be linked via digital interface (ethernet or serial bus) to one graphical user interface.


Thrusters and transmissions

CPD02 is especially designed for transmissions and hydraulics applications where chip size of 100µm is signal of possible bending failure. Ship propulsion and especially azimuth propulsion will have great benefit of CPD02 early warning signals in order to minimize maintenance costs.




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