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Our project team ensures the smooth transfer from office to site activities by offering:


  • Site installation services and supervision
  • (pre-)commissioning and start-up service


Our experience with installation and (pre-)commissioning of industrial construction activities, comprising electrical, instrumentation, analytical and control system installations, enables us to:


  • Offer complete turn-key projects up to start-up phase
  • Support our end-users with after-sales service activities such as preventive maintenance, calibration and breakdown maintenance services.




We perform the site services with highly qualified engineers and technicians, properly equipped with Personal Protective Gear and using all the necessary certified tools and test equipment.


TCB has experience for the deployment of:


  • Grass-root project
  • Migration projects
  • Upgrades performed either on-line through a hot-transfer or off-line during a limited unit shutdown time window - Bottom info - User Section - Prefooter Section


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