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(pH, Conductivity, DO, REDOX, Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer, etc).

Control Room Products

(Recorders, DAQ, Controllers, Indicators, etc).

DCS, NCS (Controllers), SCADA, ESD/Safety Control Systems.

Pressure, DP & Temperature Transmitters

Flow Measurement

Safety Relieve Valves, Thermal Relieve Valves,
Spring or Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves
Safety Selectors, Desuperheaters, etc.


Control, On-Off & ESD Valves

Portable and Stationary ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids & gases
Process Refractometers and Ultrasonic Concentration analyzers

Level Instrumentation,
Level Transmitters & Level Switches, Controllers,
Field Indicators, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Pressure, Temperature, signals

Combustion, Process, Emissions

Thermo Elements, Temperature Sensors, Thermowells,


Pressure, Temperature, Level

Regulating – Metering – Delivery Stations & SCADA
Control Valves, Safety Devices

Industrial Analysis Systems, Shelters Construction, Fire & Gas Systems

Actuators (Level, Multi-turn, Part-turn, Linear)


Alarm, Annunciators, Event Recorders,
Hazardous Area Notification

Data Acquisition Systems
Wireless Measuring, Indicators, Converters, Isolators


Manifolds, Orifice Plates, Level Gauges

Industrial & Marine Instrumentation
Flow, Pressure, Level Measurements, Indicators,
Totalizers, Displacements Level Transmitters

Instrumentation Cables, Thermocouples Cables

Power Cables, Optical Fibre Cables

Industrial Automation Cables, Industrial Accessories and Component Parts


Mobile Smart Worker Solutions for safe and hazardous areas
Electronic permitting systems
Zone 1 smartphone and tablet
CCTV, ACCESS, Intrusion solutions for safe and hazardous areas

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  • POSIDONIA 2018 - Thank you for visiting our booth!

    Our company TCB AVGIDIS AUTOMATION S.A.participated successfully for the first time in the world’s largest exhibition for Marine, Posidonia 2018.          With the support of our partners we introduced to the thousands of exhibition visitors    YOKOGAWA CORIOLIS mass flowmeter, model ROTAMASS Ti . The excellent & accurate choice for fuel consumption monitoring.   PEPPERL+FUCHS/ECOM, explosion protection devices and portables/ATEX Smartphones.            We would like to thank all the visitors who honered us with their presence in our booth and we will be glad to support them in...

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  • POSIDONIA 2018 - SMARTPHONE Contest Results

    We are very glad to announce that after successful participation of our company in POSIDONIA 2018, our announced CONTEST for a PEPPERL+FUCHS/ECOM ATEX SMARTPHONE completed.        The lucky winner who honored us with his presence in our booth, among others visitors, is: Lucky WINNER : Mr John Efstathiou (THENAMARIS)   As per contest terms of participation the  Runner-up is : Mr Denaksas Dimitris (CHANDRIS HELLAS)

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