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At TCB, we are committed to provide Life Cycle Support services for any installed base through our local organization forms. 


We feel obliged to maintain and continue developing our after sales services, providing to you the best possible solutions. The sustainable relationships we create with our clients is a key factor to our success and an important asset for any future partnership.


We extend our project services with after sales support through tailored maintenance support packages in the following main areas:

  • Control Systems
  • Analyzer Systems
  • Field Instrumentation and Valves
Maintenance Packages
TCB’s base proposal for services packages covers the following fields:
Life Cycle Management Preventive and Corrective Support


Our persistence to provide high quality services, has established us as dependable collaborators and allowed us to create long term partnerships. The maintenance packages are structured and operated as to achieve the following targets:

  • Provide fast response through our local in-house specialists in 1st line, backed-up by 2nd line support from vendors’ Center Of Excellence.
  • Involve a pool of engineers and technicians with both project implementation and maintenance service experience.
  • Maximize the availability and reliability of the installed base
  • Minimize the Operating Expenses (OPEX), throughout the life span of the products. - Bottom info - User Section - Prefooter Section


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